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Help - What are Multi Search engines?

Multi-search engines are great tool which provide ease to search major search engines without going to each's home page, they pass on the query to the major search engines depending on their algorithms they return results accordingly. They provide simple single interface to dozens of search engines. Some of them also query 2 search engines at once and return both results in one window with frame or other medium. You can anayse results from various engines by sitting at one page.

How to use Crispyweb MultiSearch Tool?

a)Search tool available at Multi-search page is a simple tool that alllows you to select any of the 14 major search engines and directory listed there and when you type the phrase at keyword search text box, it passes on the query to the selected search engine and displays the result in new window. This feature allows you to open as many windows as you like for each different engines by send new query each time from the search page.
More features include:
1)It allows to you to use advanced search operators and boolean operators like: +, -, OR, AND, NOT, "", site:, domain:, title:, link: etc each according to selected engine.
2)It also provides the option to go to the home page of the selected search engine or directory, just select the required search engine and check the checkbox showing go to home page, you would be redirected to the home page of that search engine.
3)Search results are shown as it is, as they are in the respected search engines without any ads etc.

b)Search analyser tool at Home page is an advanced tool, allows you to compare the results from two engines at a same time just select each required engine from two select boxes available, one result would appear on upper frame of new window and other would appear on the lower frame page. This compare option is available by clicking compare button.

Another of the great option is that called analyser option, just click analyse button the window opens with all search engines listed just click any of there links a new window opens for each search engine result, compare them in new popups!, Great!.

c)Use Tell a friend feature at Tell a friend Page, nice addition/service for recommend our search tool and the site to ur friend without logging into mail account..Mail your friends from there type the message in comments box and press send.

d)Multimedia search feature Multimedia Search page allows you to search from multiple search engines, the videos and pictures, Gives execellent accurate results. Allows boolean search operators with Google, Yahoo.

Other Help Topics & Resources

  1. How to make a Javascript Search Engine
  2. How to design a Search Engine using PHP
  3. How to use Crispyweb Search for SEO Purposes

How to make/design your own Javascript Search Engine?

Please refer to the following sites for the development of a Search Engine using client side scripting in JavaScript. Though use of Javascript in designing search tools has now become outdated due to the advent of more powerful and light weight server-side tools like: PHP, Python etc. But still some programming sites recommend the programmers to use client side scripting for the basic search operations to lower the volume of load on the web server.

How to design a Search Engine using PHP?

Please refer to the following resources for building a search engine using PHP, a popular server side scripting language.
Note: The multi search engine on this website was also coded on PHP.

How to use Crispyweb Search for SEO Purposes?

Mostly one would use only Google, Yahoo, MSN, and Altavista for his/her SEO analysis. You could select these search engines (two at a time) from the list at Crispyweb Search Tool and get comparison results in a framed window; here you can check your rankings at two selected search engines at time.

You can use Crispyweb Search Compare tool for following SEO purposes:
  • It can perform sitesearch on your site/compititor site to check the number of indexed pages on various search engines at a time.
    Do this search on the Crispy Compare Tool to perform a sitesearch on your site.

    Example of SiteSearch:
  • It can also compare the count and quality of backlinks to your site on two search engines side by side.
    For comparing the backlinks to on Google and Yahoo! use this term:

    Example of Backlink Search:
Note: More has been discussed on Crispyweb's SEO features at this WebProWorld's Forum
Please refer to the above link for details.

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